Frequently asked questions

Where can I find furniture brand Linea Milanovic?

Most of the range of our products can be seen on our website in the group – products. A part of the assortment can be seen in our showroom in Vojislava Ilica St. 59, Belgrade.

What material is used in manufacturing the Linea Milanovic furniture?

Our furniture is made of the highest quality materials and in accordance with all the international standards. Depending on the product group, we use the first class steamed beech tinted in the requested colour, veneered MDF (all kinds of veneer), tinted and painted according to the customer’s desire. For furniture with chain mechanisms we operate with the best German, Austrian and Italian manufacturers.

Is it possible to purchase furniture from other species than beech wood?

For furniture that is fully manufactured from solid wood such as chairs and sofas, some specific models of beds, etc, can be produced from other types of wood such as oak, ash, walnut, cherry etc.

Is there a possibility that the furniture is made in other colors of wood?

In addition to standard types of wood tones and catalogue nuances, furniture can also be produced according to the sample supplied by a customer. This change does not affect the price of a product, but in some cases may affect delivery term.

Does the upholstery can be covered with materials chosen by the customer?

In addition to great range of upholstery, leather and eco-leather that we have, the client can bring his own upholstery for covering our models, provided that its quality meets the requirements for manufacturing.

Can the client choose dimensions?

Except for chairs and sofas, a client can choose dimension for all our products.

Do you offer some other furniture models except from your assortment of products?

Certainly. We offer unique furniture pieces (with the exception of chairs) and interior elements according to our customer design. Our architects can help in designing and realizing customers’ own ideas.

Do you visit the site when doing the furniture by design, such as kitchens or built-in wardrobes?

If you do not have furniture design and precise measures, the procedure is that the client comes with the rough draft measures, for example for kitchen or some other home space, then our architects set up the plan for kitchen design and give the price offer on the basis of those measures. When job is accepted by both sides and advance payment done, our workers come to the site to take accurate measures.

Do you give a guarantee for quality and functionality of the furniture?

Since the entire process of furniture production – from wood drying, assembly, preparation for painting, varnishing, upholstery and delivery – takes place under strict guidelines in our facilities, we provide the full guarantee for each piece of furniture.

What is the furniture delivery term?

Depending on the quantity, delivery term can vary from 30-45 days after ordering, about which we give notice in advance.

How and where to purchase your furniture?

The furniture can be ordered in our showroom in Belgrade, when all the details are defined. On this occasion, the advance payment from 30 to 50% of the total value of work is requested. The rest is to be paid upon delivery and assembly. When paying on account, the remaining amount is paid before furniture delivery term.

Do you make a complete project and interior design?

Certainly. You can negotiate directly with our architect on the project and personalized design of your interior of any kind. His experience at the international level on very exclusive projects in Italy, Spain, Russia, America, and Serbia will be invaluable both in terms of uniqueness and exclusivity of design and appliance of global trends in your interior. These services are charged and the price depends on the complexity of the project and the scope of intervention.

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