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Furniture factory and interior design Linea Milanović

In the production of furniture in the company Linea Milanovic pays a great attention to every detail, ranging from the design to the delivery as only in this way can get results in high quality furniture, which guarantee durability and comfort.

Making each piece of furniture begins in the first place with the same design process that involves making drawings which defines all aesthetic - proportional characteristics and dimensions, as well as the definition of materials and finishes which will work as a piece.

Production process begins with the selection of the First-class quality from controlled forest plantations, a process of adequate storage and drying massif with respect carefully tailored drying regime.

In our production beech, as the most common wood species in Serbia, represents the basis for constructive pieces of furniture primarily for its high quality features and design options elements. If desired rating furniture or parts can be made of solid oak, ash, walnut and other species. In addition to solid wood furniture manufacturing process using MDF panels and other composite materials of last generation.

Specific forms of traditional style of the furniture requires careful processing of curvilinear details in the design, preparation and at the finish. Details of furniture modern interior look for high precision cutting and preparation for finishing in order to achieve neat and flawless joints and surfaces during assembly of furniture.

Modern technological processes, while respecting the traditional approach to woodworking, as well as extensive knowledge and experience of employees ensure the excellence of the final product, whether it be classical pieces of furniture or modern design with straight lines. These features provide effective and precise assembly of furniture, both in the production and on the spot, and carefully and timely taking measures still one of the factors that significantly affect the efficiency and accuracy of the assembly on the ground.

Final treatment preceded by a process of preparation in which it is of the utmost importance achieve smooth surfaces machined and locksmith who will provide quality cover paint adhesion, and therefore well treated finished product. Finishing massive elements is carried out in a controlled environment and performs quality imported lacquers based on polyurethane or water, or a full overlay of matte paint up to a high gloss.

Upholstery is done in some of the import Seat cover high quality and wide range of designs in different price group which aims to provide customers the ability to choose and adapt to their needs and possibilities, without loss of quality.

Furniture factory
Furniture factory
Furniture factory
Furniture factory

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